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How to effectively gather Business requirements

Hi folks…. Hope you are all doing good and seriously looking for a job. Well, many job aspirants will face a very important and deciding question in the interview is ‘How to gather Requirements’?

All of you know that this is a very basic understanding that every business analyst must know how to gather requirements. But the question is how well you can answer to the interviewer? lets see..

There are effective ways you can gather business requirements in the organization.

1. You have to interview the client to gather requirements. Not just listen and write what ever client says. That’s your opportunity to get from the client what exactly needed? You can ask questions like What are the problems you are facing with current system. Do you have any specific expectation from the new application? etc..

2. Evaluate existing requirements and design documents for the current system so that you can understand much  better about what you need to do. Analyze the current software that is being used in present system. See how you can upgrade by adopting new software or technology.

3. Try to conduct interviews with as man as possible business people from all departments. Every person will give you new insight and new problem.

4. Review your notes and try to make a first draft and discuss with your team about your findings.

Well, these are the important tips on how you can gather requirements. Hope you enjoyed…. Please share with your friends.

Class diagram & Business Analyst

What is Class diagram? and what is Business Analyst to do with a class diagram ?

Class diagram is type of structural diagram which show cases the entire system in different blocks of classes in a structural format. A class diagram will be mostly used in the UML (Unified Modelling Language).


Class diagram sample

Class diagram sample

So, A class diagram shows the structure of the system by representing a Systems Classes and its sub classes. In the above diagram, Checking account, savings account & Loans are classes. Home loan, Car loan are sub classes of ‘Loans’.

Normally these class diagrams are drawn in MS Visio where different shapes can be drawn with less effort. Other tools can also be used depending upon your company licensing.