Tips to give successful interview..

While discussing with many folks who usually present in the interview panels of many top firms, we came across the very common mistakes that most candidates repeat. While some of these mistakes may not stop you getting an offer due to your strong technical skills and their need of one, but 70% do not get selected due to these. Lets see what are those.. These are applicable for not only Business Analyst Interviews, but for every interview.

how to give successful interview

how to give successful interview

1. Do not try to bluff them if you do not know the answer. Not every one know everything. Be modest to admit it. Honesty wins most of the time. Remember that the panel can simply find out if you do not know something. So if you try to make fool of them by giving some unrelated answer, that not only hints them that you do not know the answer, but also gives an indication that you are trying to be smart.

2. Don’t be careless in your attitude, dressing sense or even while you are answering. Every one likes to work a person who is obedient.

3. Show your interest towards the organization. Read the company profile before you go to the interview.

4. Sleep well the night before your interview. A fresh face gives a better impression than a tired face.

5. Avoid too many hand movements and head movements while answering something.

6. Switch off your cell phone before going to the interview. If you get a call, even in vibration will annoy the panel. (Top most complaint from many interviewers)

7.  When the panel ask you ‘If you have any questions to them’ ? Please do not simply say ‘No, I do not have any questions’. Always try to ask them about the project.

Class diagram & Business Analyst

What is Class diagram? and what is Business Analyst to do with a class diagram ?

Class diagram is type of structural diagram which show cases the entire system in different blocks of classes in a structural format. A class diagram will be mostly used in the UML (Unified Modelling Language).


Class diagram sample

Class diagram sample

So, A class diagram shows the structure of the system by representing a Systems Classes and its sub classes. In the above diagram, Checking account, savings account & Loans are classes. Home loan, Car loan are sub classes of ‘Loans’.

Normally these class diagrams are drawn in MS Visio where different shapes can be drawn with less effort. Other tools can also be used depending upon your company licensing.