What are requirements ?

requirementsRequirements and Business Requirements are two very common words that are often used interchangeable in an organization. Being said that, ‘Requirements’ are the first and foremost step in the software life cycle management.

What any one can do with out requirements? If some one ask a tester to create test cases with out giving them requirements, is not it foolishness? I have seen in some websites as one of the most popular interview question for a tester position is “How can you write test cases when there are no requirements? “.

Well, If you seriously thinking about a quality product, then never ask this question. Ok, lets come back to the topic again. Requirements are the first step that the business takes into consideration before they have decided to built a new product/piece of application, or a change in the current application or product.

There is some one called ‘Requirements analyst’ whose responsibility is to prepare requirements document based on the business needs. These requirements are further classified into two types such as ‘Functional requirements’, and ‘Technical requirements’.

Functional Requirements give the over view of the current business and also gives a over all view on future business. This document does talk about what is needed in future or what changes are required now in a simplistic language that a common man can understand.

Technical requirements give the more detailed specifics of the problem and how to solve the problem in a technical front so the dev leads and technical folks can clearly understand.

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