How to gather requirements?


Requirements gathering is not as tough as the name sounds. In fact it is a job that needs some or none technical knowledge and a reasonable business knowledge with good communication skills (Both written and Oral).  When it comes to requirements, simply think about a builder that you hired to build your new house. What does the builder do when he first approach you?

He will ask you several questions such as ‘How many bed rooms you need?’, ‘How many bath rooms you need?’ etc… these are nothing but requirements for the new house.

In the same way, a Business Analyst or Requirements Analyst will talk to the business owner and ask him several questions or simply take the notes of his requirements for the new business or some modification to the existing business etc..

These requirements can be taken as a rough copy in a note book or computer while the business is speaking. After the meeting, the requirement Analyst will make them into a fair copy by adding some detail explanation so that every one in the organization can understand them. We will see more about the sample documentation of Requirements template in next session.

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