Requirements Document Template

Requirements Document Template Sample:

requirements document template
requirements document template

In the earlier article we know what is a requirement and what does a Requirement Analyst do as part of his responsibility in the organization. Now in this tutorial we will see how does a requirements document template look like and what are the key fields this document have?

Requirements document template can be written in either a word document or an Excel file depending upon the practice in your organization. Here are the common fields any type of requirements document will have.

1. Requirement No
2. Requirement Name
3. Requirement Description
4. Reason for the requirement
5. Author (of the requirement)

Now we will see in detail what is each field meant and how to write a sample requirement that fits the template.

Requirement no is just for indexing purpose or can be used for mapping between requirement number and testcase number(Remember these requirements will be later converted into test cases by testers.). Mapping between requirement and test case is called as traceability matrix.

Requirement Name: Just give a meaning full short name to the requirement. This name will be used mostly in team meetings for convenience. Because if you refer by req number, it might be hard to remember the description of that number.

Requirement Description: Here you must give some detail description of what the requirement is, what is the purpose of it and how to achieve it? All possible details of the requirement can be presented here. You need to mention if the requirement is an extension to the existing application? or it is an enhancement?

Reason for requirement: Though this is an optional field in requirements document, you can explain the reason behind this requirement. Example, to improve the business? Customer needs this? Reduce the man power ? Saving operating cost? etc…

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