Business Analyst should learn these tools

Though a Business Analyst need not be a good coder, but he should have moderate to expert level knowledge to some simple tools. In this training session we will see what are the most important tools that a Business Analyst should be familiar with.

MS Word: MS Word is one of the must and most widely used tool for any Business Analyst. In fact this is a must know documenting tool for most of the computer literates, at least to make your curriculum vitae.

Excel: Microsoft Excel sheet is also an important tool to be familiar with. Test cases, requirements documents are most commonly written in Excel sheet. So for a Business Analyst it is important to learn Excel.

MS Visio: Is Microsoft’s popular diagramming application. This tool is popularly used by Business Analyst to draw flow charts, data flow diagrams etc..

Requisite Pro: IBM’s Requisite pro is one of the popular tools used to store requirements of a project. A ‘Business Analyst’/’Requirements analyst’ who is responsible to write the requirement must know this tool to load the business requirements.

QTP/CLear Quest: This is a bug tracking tool or also called a defect tracking tool. QTP is a HP’s product and Clear Quest is a IBM’s product. But both are used for same purpose and more or less the usability is some what similar and any one can learn the basics in just 1 hr or so. A business analyst will not create a defect in this tool, so you dont need excellent knowledge in this, you only need to know how to open an existing defect and see its status. Because normally a tester who will mostly use this tool.

RQM: Rational quality management tool is another IBM’s popular tool which is mainly used to maintain documentation for Test plan, test cases and test execution records. This is mostly used by testers but it is good to have a basic navigational skills for any business analyst.

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