Business Analyst interaction with Stakeholder

Who is a stakeholder and what is his role in the life of a Business Analyst?

Business analyst’s relation with Stake holder and other team members is very important for a successful¬†output of the project. ¬†Well, here we need to ask a question to our self. We all know who are team members means, they can be developers, testers or management who interact with each other through out the process of project development and implementation.

Now who is a stakeholder and what is his or her role in a organization?

Stake holder can be a person or an organization or a team of people or even employees of a company who can effect the project with their decision or can be effected by change in the project. An accounts team who will sponsor the project can also be a stakeholder.

The top management who will decide or approve or disapprove every change in the project can be a stake holder. So it is very important for a Business analyst to maintain a healthy relationship with stakeholders and other team members of the project.

This will ensure a smooth process flow towards achieving the goal. I hope now you got a clear understanding of what is a stake holder and its importance in the company. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot in the below comments section.

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