Amazon Business Analyst roles and Salary

Well friends, The term Business analyst has several meanings, it varies from domain to domain, indusAtry to industry. But now a days lot of popularity is coming towards Amazon Business Analyst. There is a strong reason why so many folks are interested to know about Amazon Business analyst.

Amazon is raising into cloud platform. Amazon’s AWS (Amazon web services) is gaining popularity in the IT sector especially in the cloud computing. ┬áSo, many questions arise such as what are the roles and responsibilities of Amazon Business Analyst and what Salary range for its role?

Lets discuss about Amazon Business analyst and how it is different from other Business Analyst roles.

The main roles and responsibilities of a Business analyst will not change, that is having good knowledge of use case diagrams, flow charts, Rational tools experience, MS office tools experience, documentation and facilitating meetings with stake holders and subject matter expert etc,,

Apart from these Amazon business analyst must have good understanding of below topics.

Cloud computing,

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Other cloud technologies in the industry such as Sales force, Microsoft cloud etc..

Also it is good to have some knowledge of programming (not 100% required), Python language knowledge.

Apart from all these, one should have lot of interest and passion towards internet technologies especially importance of cloud technologies.

Salary for Amazon business analyst are obviously way higher than regular business analyst right now due to lack of resources in this technology. So, if you aim for excellent perks then Amazon business analyst is for you and you must gain some knowledge of Cloud for sure.

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