Salesforce Business Analyst roles and responsibilities

Introduction to Salesforce / Cloud Technology: 

All my readers are asking frequently these days a common question. What is salesforce and how should I apply for a salesforce business analyst job? what is the salary range of Sales force Business analyst?

Salesforce cloud business analyst
Salesforce cloud business analyst

Okay, lets see what is salesforce? and what are the roles of Salesforce Business Analyst in the job?

Salesforce is a cloud computing technology…  First you need to remember that all traditional technologies are embracing cloud technology. I will explain with a simple example so you will get an idea. Lets see if a company is implementing a project with Java technology. So they need to buy license for Java or other supporting tools to implement that application, such as oracle database, unix server etc..  In this scenario they are responsible for all maintenance of those servers incase of any server crash, server slowness, database backups etc.. they need to spend lot of money for all these regular jobs. So to avoid these, they buy cloud services from Salesforce. What salesforce does is share their database server, java server, unix server etc.. with this company on a monthly price. Now our company dont have to worry about any maintenance.

All java developers will login to the Salesforce server through web and complete their work. Because the servers and technologies are in remote location they are called cloud services.

Now what should a business analyst know about salesforce to fit the role of Salesforce business analyst?

A salesforce business analyst should know about below things to get a job.

  1. Good understanding of Cloud technologies and its uses
  2. How does cloud technology work?
  3. What is cloud technology and cloud computing?
  4. Who are the competitors of Salesforce cloud technology? (Microsoft is one major competitior)
  5. It is good to learn basics of Salesforce administrator, at least theoretically.

And apart from the above other daily jobs are same as any other business analyst such as:

1. gathering requirements from clients

2. Experience with Excel, Word, Visio, Usecase diagrams, UML, RQM, HP tools etc..

Hope I have explained something. Please leave your comments below.

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