What is Salesforce? Cloud technology explained

Salesforce is a cloud technology. Just imagine salesforce as a big apartment complex. If you buy a small 2 bedroom portion in a 1000 unit apartment complex, you own only one single unit of 1500 SFT. But you still get the benefits of other amenities of that complex like, Gym, Community hall, Swimming pool, Pantry, Walking trail etc..

In the same way if you buy a small portion of a big server with salesforce company to install your company application, you still get other benefits like regular maintenance of server, regular backups, patch installations, security etc…

Salesforce cloud technology explained
Salesforce cloud technology explained

Now-a-days lot of people in IT industry are wondering about the new technology salesforce. Let me get into that straight.

Saleforce (CRM technology – Customer relationship management) as it name indicates helps improving sales and Marketing in an organization by automating their daily tasks. But this is just a 1% of what salesforce can do. Not just sales, but salesforce can do many many things in a organization and can make your org complete automatic.

Salesforce can be implemented in Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Reports, Analytics, Forecasts, etc..etc.. It works well with all departments in your company.

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