Business Analyst resume tips

Resume Writing Tips for a business analyst:

Resume  This carefully crafted piece of artwork is actually your ticket to land in your dream job. In fact one of the reasons you receive a call for an interview, is because you have marketed your skills enough to get the attention of the employer.

A good resume is not a tool for the interviewer, it is in fact a tool for you. I means to make it clear to the target company as to how you would be a perfect fit for the organization and what is it in you that gives you an edge over other potential candidates for especially a business analyst role.

Start with a precise and impressive objective in your resume. It has been proven that most employers take 1-2 minutes to read your resume. It is that initial screening, where they decide whether to continue further or not. When we read a document, we start at the top and go down and as our interest is lost, we don’t read later down in the document.

Your objective or summary should capture all important points like years of experience, key functional and technical skills, and key educational components, significant accomplishments that would be beneficial for the position you are applying for and yet should be as crisp as possible.

The whole purpose of an impressive objective is to generate interest among the employers to read further and consider you as an ideal candidate as a business analyst for the organization.

Educational components are a key area in your resume. Education does not have to be listed specifically with your degrees. It might be better marketing to have that section as: Education and Training or Education and Professional Development. You can also include any professional training or certifications like PRINCE2 or ISEB that you have done. In short it can be a section listing all the training you have undergone that will help you market yourself to the goal.

Highlighting accomplishments in your role as a business analyst for any software projects or products, requires you to first have a comprehensive knowledge of what your objectives are. The Accomplishments section should give a brief about the kind of work in your previous organization if you are an experienced business analyst. While if you are a student it should detail the projects done as part of the curriculum.

This should be followed by your role in the project, and the responsibilities that you took as the BA for the successful completion of the different phases of the software lifecycle. You can also mention the achieved results and TAT (turnaround time), and how it helped both you and the organization benefit in terms of achieved versus desired results. It is important that you bring out your key traits that will give the employer an outline of your personality. It would be worth mentioning about your personal qualities that fueled your success in the project, for example your self-learning abilities, your capacity to work in a team, motivate other team member, self-management skills etc. Your needs, goals and priorities would decide what to include and what not to include in the resume.

Last but not the least, be original. Ensure that all the data and facts given in your resume (as a Business Analyst) are true because every company do have their systems in place to perform background checks!!


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