Business Analyst certification, is it Worth getting it?

I know there is lot of confusion about whether to try for Business Analyst certification program or not? Because lot of recruiters do not insist on certification. So job seekers do not try to get one. But in reality, Business Analyst certification will bring you 10 times more advantage than those who do not have certification.

Lets see an example. If there is a job opening in for Business Analyst, minimum 50 resumes will be sent to that recruiter. But the job poster will only shortlist best 5 resumes and send them to client. So your resume needs something special that others do not have.  If you put a logo of business analyst certification at the top of the resume in header section, then your resume will be sure picked by the recruiter and arrange an interview.

So, if you can, please do not neglect the certification. There are lot of online programs who offer certification program. It is not difficult to get a certification. Certification not only helps to shortlist your resume, but it also boost your self confidence. Go for it.

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