Top Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

Here are the list of most important and most commonly asked Salesforce Interview Questions for Salesforce Admin positions.

1Q: What is the significance of Role Hierarchy in regards to access level security.

A: Role hierarchy grand the permission to users of higher lever hierarchy to allow same rights of the lower level hierarchy user. In simple terms, your boss in your company have rights to check your private drives of the office system.

2Q: How do you create a new role in your Organization Hierarchy? I want to know navigation path.

A: Go to settings, Quick find box, then type ‘Roles’. Click on ‘roles’ under users.. Here we see all existing hierarchy of roles in the Org, we can also see a link called ‘add role’ under every role, so by clicking that we can create a new role in the hierarchy.

3Q: What is the use of process builder? and how to implement it?

A: Process builder is used to automate the business process in an organization. Process builder is one of the few other tools used to make auto process of part of business.

Process builder has two main components , 1). criteria: Criteria will decide when we need to execute an action based on criteria. 2:).timing: Immediately execute the action or schedule for future time?

4Q: What is a workflow in Salesforce?

A: Workflow is a process that can automate a standard or regular / repeated process in an Organization. The main aim of setting up workflow is to save time from repeated jobs.

5Q. What is the difference between Process builder and a Workflow in Salesforce?

They both achieve similar tasks, but the main difference is when to chose Process builder and when to chose Workflow. The usual rule of thumb is, When you have a process like If/Then statements… then go for Process builder instead of workflow.

6Q: What are the main components of a Workflow?

A: Workflow has mainly 2 components. Criteria (‘If’ section of If/Then process)., Actions (‘then’ section of if/then process). Mean what need to be done when the ‘if’ happen. Workflow rules are usually triggered only when a record is saved.

7Q: What is an Approval in Salesforce?

Ans: Approval process is a Sales force Automated process which is used to help approving the records.

8Q: How many kinds of products available in AppExchange ?

Ans: There are three types of Products available in APPExchange. Apps, Components and Consulting services. These are also called as offerings.

9Q: Can you explain what is an App in Salesforce appexchange?

A: In salesforce App is a group of Tabs that work together to provide a solution or to make a standalone application.

10Q: What is a component in App Exchange?

A: Component is nothing but a small portion of an App. If App is like a wall, then component is like a brick.

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