10 Tips for a Successful Interview – Must read

That’s an amazing question indeed. Many candidates think subject is 90% of the reason for a successful interview. I do not agree with that. Many top HR persons who sit regularly in the interview panel will tell that, subject matter only helps 20% for your success in the interview. They share the other 80% that the panel will consider. Lets see them here..

  1. Dress professionally, you must wear a suit and a tie if possible. As this may not be required in your kind of job on daily basis, or this may not be a dress code in the job, but..but… this will give an impression to the panel that you respect this job. They feel this job is very important for you.  Panel always like to hire a candidate who respects the job than a person who does not respect even he is an excellent fit to the role. So dress properly and comb your hair to a decent hair cut and trim the beard or shave properly.
  2. Know about the company you applied for a job. Knowing about a company before hand gives an impression to the panel that  you are showing lot of interest in this job and you respect the company and this job. Do little research on the company in google before you attend the interview.
  3. Sit Properly while you are attending the interview. Sit straight unless you have some health problems. Do not bend or lean forward or backward. Do not sit too relaxed. I do not mean sit stiff. Sit properly…
  4. Smile but not laugh loud. Little smile for any situation or conversation during the interview if the situation demand. Does not mean laugh loud. But overall try to maintain a pleasant facial expressions.
  5. Do not try to bluff: If you do not know answer for any question during an interview, simply accept that you have not come across that situation to answer, or you did not get an opportunity to learn. But given a chance I am more than willing to learn anything new. Who does not like honesty over faking?
  6. Do not shake your legs or Hands, it is very common reason why people do not get selected in an interview. Most people out of habit or stress try to get relieved either by shaking legs or movies hands.
  7. Tell an example: When ever appropriate try to answer with an example of your previous experience. This gives the impression that you know what you are telling.
  8. Do not complaint on you previous employer or colleagues. Even the previous employer did not treat you properly, please do not tell that as a reason for leaving your previous employment. Instead tell that you are not learning new or not seeing much career growth.
  9. Strengths and weakness is the most common question asked in interviews, always remember that always tell your weakness as they indirectly help the company growth. Such as you work too hard when company needs me which sometimes make me forget important personal appointments.
  10. Thank the interview panel before leaving the interview. Always thanks one and all for their valuable time and this is most important tip.                                         If you are trying for a Business Analyst jobs and these you must read these most important Business Analyst Interview Questions as we have gathered these from experienced business analysts.

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