Requirements Gathering Template for Business Analyst

Requirements Gathering is one of the most important thing that any Business Analyst will have to do as part of their roles and responsibilities.

So what is this Requirements gathering template and why this should be used?

Once we gather the requirements from the user / end client for their new functionality, we will normally take a rough note of the requirements while they are explaining what they need in the high level meetings. So, after the meeting is done, a Business Analyst will normally write the minutes of meeting and in that he needs to explain an over view of the clients requirements from the high level meeting.

After that Business Analyst needs to put all his/her gathered requirements in to a standard template which is called “Requirement Gathering Template“.

Normally most of the elements or sections of this word template will be same in most of the companies but it may be little different as per company. But 90% will be same as what I am going to show.

Requirement Gathering Standard Template:

Requirement gathering template for a Business Analyst is Normally prepared in the word file, the below elements or sections will present and under each section you need to fill up with your words as per your understanding from the high level requirement meeting. I will explain in detail with a sample word file which you can download from this page soon. I am little bit busy so, please give me 1 week or so.. Until then please book mark this web page by pressing Ctrl + D. So that you won’t forget this page.

1       System Context & Scope

1.1     Scope of the System

1.2     Workflow Partitioning

1.3     Product Boundary

1.4     Use Case List

2       Functional and Data Requirements

2.1     Functional Requirements.

2.2     Data Requirements.

3       Look, Feel and Use Requirements

3.1    User Interface Requirements

3.2     Style Of The Product Requirements

3.3     Ease Of Use Requirements

3.4   Ease Of Learning Requirements

4       Performance Requirements

4.1    Speed Requirements

4.2   Safety Critical Requirements

4.3   Precision Requirements

4.4     Reliability and Availability Requirements

4.5   Capacity and Scalability Requirements

5       Operational Requirements

5.1    Expected Technological Environment Requirements

5.2   Partner Applications & Interfaces Requirements

5.3     Supportability Requirements

5.4     Maintainability and Portability Requirements

6       Security Requirements

6.1    System Confidentiality Requirements

6.2   Data Integrity Requirements

6.3   Audit Requirements

7       Legal Requirements

8        Standards Requirements

9       Off-the-Shelf Solutions Requirements

9.1    COTS System Solutions Requirements

9.2     Ready-Made Components Requirements

10  Constraints and Assumptions

10.1                     Solution Constraints

10.2                     External Factors

10.3                     Assumptions

Future Requirements

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