Business Analyst description explained

Recruiting a good Business Analyst A business analyst acts as a liaison between the business users and development team. That means a business should have a great understanding of the technical difficulties of implementing a particular functionality. Though he/she need not be skill full technically, should have understanding of the technical requirements along with the business requirements.  While recruiting a business analyst, you should know if he/she has through understanding of a business process, technical process and the terminology that is being used in the industry.

A business analyst should know the business process very clearly and able to explain to other departments in a step by step model. Business analyst is a key person for the success of a project. A BA should help the technical department personnel in understanding the business requirements and functional specifications so that the project runs in a smooth way.

A good business Analyst will first understand the process and the flow of the business and there by draw a business process flow diagram for his own understanding and then he modifies the process flow diagram he/she had discussions with the business users and according to the changes made to the requirements the process flow diagram will also changes to be in sink with the latest requirement. Then BA will possibly give a presentation with the help of the process flow diagram and explain the business process clearly to all the other departments.

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