What is Business process Reengineering

Re-engineering Using information technology to improve performance and cut costs.

–  Its main premise, as popularized by the book “Reengineering the Corporation” by Michael Hammer and James Champy, is to examine the goals of an organization and to redesign work and business processes from the ground up rather than simply automate existing tasks and functions.

–   Driven By Competition
– re engineering is driven by open markets and competition as in a global economy, worldwide customers are more sophisticated and demanding.

– Reduce old-style water-tight compartments in the organization.

– Organization will have fewer layers of management

– Fewer, but more highly skilled workers who do more complex tasks or multi-tasking.

– Information technology, used for the past 50 years to automate manual tasks, will be used to enable new work models. The successful organization will not be “technology driven;” rather it will be “technology enabled.”

– Customer Oriented and Radical Improvement.

–   Its goals are customer oriented: it is about processing a contract in 24 hours instead of two weeks or performing a telecommunications service in one day instead of 30.  It is about reducing the time it takes to get a drug to market from eight years to four years or reducing the number of suppliers from 200,000 to 700.

Re-engineering is about essential improvement, not incremental changes. If you are one of the serious visitors who are trying for a Business Analyst jobs then please visit Important Business Analyst Interview Questions before your interview..

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