What is JAD session – Explain

How do you facilitate JAD sessions

During my career as a BA I have facilated many JAD session

I write down the questions and sort them priority wise and send email to all my mates

Some gets solved in the email and the unsolved ones are being decided in the meeting

Between Inception and elaboration

Stake holders and the sme’s are invited by the BA

I have a detailed purpose, the problems or the scope that are going to be

Happy path scenario – everything goes u expect

Rainy day – unexpected scenario

Find out the happy path scenario

Take care of the exceptional scenario

The business has to tell me how to accept the exceptional scenario

I have an extend use case due to exceptional scenarios

What is the problem?

What the proposed solution would be?

Who are the primary actors?

What the flow of action should be?

How would you act for exceptional scenarios?

Who are the primary actors? Ppl using the vending machine

Work flow design?

Who will be the primary actor?

Who will be using the system?

They know the business, I have to get to know the key elements with which you can try to understand what they are doing?

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