Challenges in Requirements gathering

What r the barriers u faced in gathering requirement?

(i) The users were usually busy with their regular activities so they usually didn’t have time to interview.

Solution: So that’s the reason I used to send a questionnaire to the users before actually meeting them.

(ii) When we talk to users there is an interception or perception problems

Solution:. So I used to involve SME while gathering requirements to solve the interception problem.

(iii) Some users have attitude problems so as a Business analyst I should be able to deal with all types of users.

(iv) Some other possible barriers can be like understanding the system initially or gaining the domain knowledge. So understanding the system initially can be one of the possible barriers

Solution:. So I used to talk to the SME and read lot of documentation.

While gathering requirements for a replacement to an aging database application in which I was involved in designing, I had difficulty getting users to constructively criticize the old system. They knew I had designed it and felt obliged to talk about how good it was, thinking I was there to defend my earlier work. Users need to know that all software has a life cycle and is eventually replaced as user needs change and evolve.

If you’re working on enhancing an existing system, make sure users understand that you need to know how to preserve the best features of existing software, while at the same time eliminating or improving on features that are not working properly.

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