Top Questions to the Interviewer

  1. Can you please tell me what are you looking for in me?

His answer:I am looking for a Lead Business Analyst capable of leading a team

Your Compliment:  That’s great! In fact I have worked as a Sr. Business Analyst and led a team of 3 Business Analysts (or your skill)

  1. At what stage the project is in?

His Answer:The project has just began

Your Compliment:It is quite interesting to work in the project from the beginning

  1. What is the environment in which the Project is being developed?

His Answer:Unix and Oracle

Your Compliment:Unix and oracle are fantastic combination. In fact in my previous project I have worked on both

  1. How many persons report to me?

His Answer:3

Your Compliment:Quite a manageable team, in fact I have managed bigger teams than this.

  1. What is the version of the TOOL XXX?

His Answer:Version is 7.1

Your Compliment:Yes! I have worked in that version; it has excellent features than its previous version.

  1. Do I need to travel?

His Answer:Yes, 10%

Your Compliment:I am bachelor, I love to travel and in fact in my previous project I have traveled quite a lot

  1. What is the duration of the Project?

Case I

His Answer:1 year

Your Compliment:It’s pretty long duration; I like to work on such a project

Case 2:

His Answer:1 week

Your Compliment:It’s challenging, to understand your environment and deliver in such a short span. I would like to take the challenge

  1. When can I join?

His Answer:Tomorrow

Your Compliment:That’s Wonderful, I am ready.

  1. What will be the team size

His Answer:10

Your Compliment:That a Big team to work. I have earlier worked in similar team sizes.

  1. Where do I need to report? What is the work location?

His Answer:Segues Planet, Andromeda Galaxy and you need to travel to Planet Mercury the next day to your work location.

Your Compliment:I can report at Segues Planet, Andromeda Galaxyand relocate to Planet Mercury. It’s a great place to work

  1. What are the Source and the Target databases?

His Answer:Oracle and db2

Your Compliment:  It’s nice. In fact I have worked extensively in Oracle and DB2

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