What is Class Diagram ? Example

A class diagram plays an important role in the life of a Business analyst. A class diagram represents visual representation of the entire application and also the relation between each and every class. A class diagram can only show a static structure of the application. It can not show the dynamic structure where frequent changes may occur to the application.

Normally to create the class diagram, you need to download IDE must be installed in your computer. Visit www.uml.org for basic understanding of UML modeling and basics.

There are few things you need to take care while drawing a class diagram.

–          create an element that represents the class

–          give a name to that class

–          explain what that class will do

–          give any links to that class with other components

–          Write some help notes to explain what that class will do and how it can be used. We have listed top Business Analyst Interview Questions for our readers, please read.

Let’s take a small example on how to draw a class diagram:

See this below example to see how a class diagram is created with a banking example.


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