Documentum job interview questions

Q 1. Is it possible to install Content Server, Database, Application server on a single machine?

Ans.  Yes, we can install Content Server, Database and application server on a single machine.

Q 2. Explain the documentum workflows?

Ans.  Multiple Activities which can be Manual or Automatic makes up a Workflow Defination. A performer or a user performs the manual Activities whereas an Auto-Activity mostly is performed by a program on behalf of a user (using a User’s session). The program used for Auto-Activity follows certain steps. The class implements IDmMethod or WorkflowMethod and accordingly it implements execute or doTask from the corresponding interface.

This program is configured as a workflow method which is an instance of dm_method with its a_special_app property set to ‘Workflow’. DAB or DA + DQL is used to create it. Performers get the manual activities as tasks in their inbox. All the activities are linked through flows which have Packages associated with them. It’s compulsory for Flows to have at least one associated Package.

The ending flow marks an exception which doesn’t have any associated package. A Package points to an object type whose objects are attached in the package as attachments. A flow can be of two types – a Normal Flow or Reject Flow. A Reject flow is represented by a red line. Reject Flow in a Workflow Template automatically generates a Reject button in an inbox task.

 Q 3. Does DCM has advantages over web top ?

Ans. DCM provides lot of features that are specific to 21 CFR part 11 compliance such as lifecycle, electronic signature and workflow configuration, annotations, controlled printing etc. It is a compliance application.

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