Business Analyst Job Description Explained

Business Analyst Job description is often confused with Business Analyst roles and responsibilities by many users.

In fact they both are same in some context. Because Business Analyst job description has a different meaning while searching for BA jobs in job sites, but what ever the job description is written in the job, is mostly the roles and responsibilities.

So to list out the important Job descriptions of a Business Analyst we listed 10 most important things.

Important Job Descriptions of a Business Analyst:

  1. Business Analyst must act as a layer between stake holders and application developers.
  2. Business Analyst must understand the business thoroughly but should also know minimum technical knowledge.
  3. A BA should be able to represent the user requirements in a pictorial representation such as usecase diagram.
  4. Business Analyst need to have good experience with Microsoft tools such as MS word, MS power point, Excel etc..
  5. A BA must have hands on experience using MS Visio tool for drawing flow charts, use case diagrams etc.
  6. He should also need to understand the job duties of a Quality Analyst.
  7. Should be able to capture all the requirements from the end users or clients and explain them to developers in a understandable way.
  8. He should act as a SME( subject matter expert) to the application developers.
  9. He/She should have good understanding about the latest trends in the business.

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