Common Interview Questions – Information Technology

1.What are you best at?

I am best at adapting to new technologies very fast. In my previous project, John, they purchased a new ETL tool (Datastage) and I was asked to work using that tool without training. I learned it in my spare time and came to normal speed within 3 days.

2.What is your approach towards work?

John, I divide the work in sub tasks and keep monitoring the sub-tasks against their deadlines. In case of any sub task crossing the deadline, I reschedule the tasks, so the final task can be completed in time. In case of red flag, I inform to my manager well in advance

3.Tell me about a project in which you were disappointed with your personal performance.

When I was at XYZ Company John, I initially designed for Oracle DB, but they asked us to do the same thing using Access. Naturally I was not happy with the security issues.

Notes: Talk only technically relevant tasks in your skill sets. Say that you have been assigned two different tasks simultaneously as your co-worker was out or sick without notice and you had to perform his duties.

You were not successful in completing the second task, which required additional time for completion. Although you worked overtime and gave your best in order to complete the job you could deliver the task only after a deadline.

4.Give an example of how you handle rejections.

John, I always take them in the right stride. I will take them as an opportunity to improve myself. Also I will make sure that I will not repeat the mistakes again.

5.What kind of skills and knowledge do you hope to acquire if you join us?

Well John, I possess all the required skills to perform the tasks assigned to me, .yet I would like to learn rich values and working culture of your company

6.What are your personal strengths?


I am always on time,

I am a positive thinker, and

Very enthusiastic.

I always plan everything. Every morning I get up at 6 and look at all the schedules and e-mails.

7.What are your personal weaknesses?


I am a workaholic,

I am a perfectionist, and

I am picky.

8.Did you have a culture shock when you first came to the U.S.?

No John, I am used to working in global companies even in my native country, India, where I used to interact with people from various cultures. Education and working environments are similar to that of the UK and US.

9.How do you resolve conflicts?

John, when I know I have a problem I will conduct a meeting and discuss the issues. By keeping communication open within the team, I try to evaluate the situation personally and in a group. I try to highlight our reasons and prioritize our tasks. In spite of all efforts if the conflict is not resolved, usually we arrange for a meeting with the supervisor. And hi/her decision is final

10.Tell me if and how you think you can make a difference if you are hired?

I possess the functional background along with the desired skill sets John. So I can understand the system along with the application in a better manner.

11.How would you avoid conflicts?

By keeping communication open

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