Tell me about yourself – Example for Business Analyst

Well I have been doing Business analyst or system analyst work for the past eight 7 years  and my domain of expertise has been in the retail banking and insurance arenas, I have been involved in multiple end-to-end development solutions and I am very proficient with every phase of the life cycle development process.

I have a good diversified background as, I have worked with companies with strategic development initiative as well as companies with informal approach towards software development, I have practical experience with development methodologies like RUP, Waterfall, SDLC and agile, I am comfortable working with large cross functional teams, small teams as well as taking soul ownership of a project and producing the necessary deliverables.

I am a quick learner who can adapt to new environment and I am meticulous and diligent in my work, to get a better understanding of my skills I can get into my day-to-day roles and responsibilities from my previous project if you would like, so you can get a sense of my skills.

I have taken several projects right from the inception all the way to the deployment phase, I have been doing contracting all this time, As you can see me I have been shifting domains I can quickly adapt to new domain, I can do testing, requirement gathering and basically all the other elements that you can think of in a project development. I pay attention in detail, hard worker, positive thinker, I have strong oral and exceptional written business communication skills, I also have excellent inter-personal and conflict resolving skills.

My Project Experience: Tell me about yourself as System Analyst:

My last project in Nationwide, I was working as a solution analyst and a Business analyst on two (2) different projects, one (1) was the Buy NW Survey which was targeted to encourage and facilitate employee ownership of Nationwide products. The project will engage associates through an electronic survey gathering feedback of the associate experience of company products ownership; associates will be encouraged to research and purchase NW products during the marketing campaign and monitory reimbursing these associates for their effort.

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The second project which was relatively more complex was the integration of better health project is to implement a technology solution that is scalable, accommodates future growth, has functionality that supports the basic functions of disease, utilization and case managements, and can be integrated with disability data.

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And the automation of business process and flexibility to meet changing operational and market demands.

The buy NW was more of UI centered project where more emphasis was given to the prototyping and wired framing and generating the UI specification for the survey website on the contrary the health care integration system was data centered with a lot of integration points between different disease and case management systems.

We were following the ESDM methodology which stands for enterprise solution delivery methodology, my roles and responsibilities differed in every phase of the project

My last project was with AIG to assist the company in the integration of an Enrollment web portal, that would provide employers with a customized Human Resources portal that would enable them to set up employee profiles and gain access to eligibility management tools, Carrier data exchange, Online billing tools, and Real-time enrollment statistics, you know I was working on multiple projects and the most interesting project was the returns calculation.

It was a web based intranet project for the group insurance division which provided the customer returns calculation.

This project was divided into 3 modules :

Event processing

Core engine


I was the business analyst responsible for the event processing and reconciliation module

The event module was a data dump which feeds the core engine module where the calculations are performed.

Data from 13 different mainframe servers is provided to GEAR which in turn provides data to the event processing module.

The reconciliation module reconciles the source and target data basically from GEARS to event processing and event processing to core engine modules.

(variance- difference between the left and the right).

This Article of  “Tell me about yourself” is for Business Analyst or system analyst, but it can be applied for Quality Analyst , Tester or any other development jobs in IT just by changing the technologies.

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