IMP Ajax job interview questions

19. Does Ajax have the same meaning as XMLHttpRequest?
 Because XMLHttpRequest is just a piece of Ajax, the answer will be no. Ajax depends on many pieces like XMLHttpRequest, CSS, DOM, etc. XMLHttpRequest is the part responsible for asynchronous server communication.

20.Q: In Ajax does the client or the sever have the control?
 Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It can be more like a server-side centralized component or controller or client-side controller. A centralized server-side controller is the case where we must assure that the client-side page data is synchronized with the server data. Many programs are preserving everything on the server and the updates are given to the client DOM through an easy Java Script controller. The case of client and server-side controllers uses a JavaScript for making each control that relates to presentation, each processing of events, each manipulation of pages and model data rendering on the client. The responsibility of business logic or giving the updated model data to a client is taken by the server-side. But this case doesn’t include specific information about the initial pages which is sent to the request of the client page. In certain use cases the whole Ajax application is possible to write in one page. If we chose this we must also remember about bookmarking and navigation.

21.Q: We used asynchronous server communication for a long time, what new thing is Ajax bringing?

A: Ajax is bringing changes in the way we use interactive real-world web applications. Now it’s time to apply all this new technologies that have been in development for many years.

22.Q: Is it true that the Ajax application are much better than the classical internet applications?
 Not really. What it is true is that Ajax has brought more flexibility. This flexibility also implies a higher degree of responsibility when we use Ajax for providing a better experience for the user.

23.Q:What is the response time when using Ajax?

A:Response time can also be named latency and it means the period of time that passes from the beginning of a request processing by the client to the sever until its end. Id the time is longer than normal then we say we had a delay, Delays usually appear when the XMLHttpRequest object is badly handled.

24.Q: Which is the purpose for using the ScriptManager?
ScriptManager is used for handling every ASP.NET Ajax resource and it makes links for the client libraries in ASP.NET Ajax. This means we will be able to use UpdatePanels, PageMethods and others. Also the page request PageRequest Manager and Application objects are made, they are important in the client life cycle for raising events in the ASP.NET Ajax web pages. It is also good for making proxies for calling web services asynchronously.

25.Q: What is the use of UpdatePanel?

A: Updatepanel gives us the possibility to make ASP.NET applications Ajax compatible, to update the content of a page with the aid of Partial-Page rendering. This is useful for refreshing a section of the page without refreshing the entire page.

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