Cloud computing job interview questions

Q1. Explain cloud computing ?

Ans. Cloud computing is the method of accessing several servers world wide by the devices such as net book, laptop, personal computers, smart phones and other devices with digital network such as WAN (wide area connection ) or any internet connection for using world wide web.

Q2. Tell your opinion about adoption of Cloud by operators around the world?

Ans. Many operators use it today while cloud may not be seeing the traction of some forms of technology, like 4G.

Q3. Explain the benefits of cloud computing ?

Ans. There are numerous benefits of cloud computing including data backup and storage of data, powerful server capabilities, software asa service known as (SaaS), Information technology sandboxing capabilities etc.

Q4. Cloud computing can save money ? Explain.

Ans. We don’t need to buy the cloud and that is the biggest benefit for bottom line-conscious business offices and Information technology departments. As any other common utility, we just pay for what we use and when we use we turn it off. It always costs less to take advantage of existing infrastructure rather than building our own from scratch and that too especially for short term projects.

Q5. Describe cloud computing as concisely and simply as possible in layman language?

Ans. The purest form of cloud computing is pay-as-you-go Info Tech, online and on demand as per needed. The Info Technology capabilities provided as a service to businesses includes the single software applications and the software suites.

Q6. Comment on the growth of online data ?

Ans. Businesses in today’s world are creating nearly 10 zetta bytes of data every year and by cloud computing we are handling such huge data.

Q7. Why professional clouds are required in Cloud computing ?

Ans. Professional clouds are used in Cloud computing because professional clouds are used for Emails, CRM solutions and web sites etc.

Q8. Explain the role of performance cloud in cloud computing ?

Ans. It is an immerging type of cloud which can transfer maximum amount of data instantly. Basically it is used by Professional computer gamers which play the games online and works on high performance computing research.

Q10. Name the three basic clouds in cloud computing ?

Ans. The three basic clouds which we generally come across in cloud computing are Professional cloud, Performance clouds and Personal cloud.

Q11. Why Cloud is necessary ?

Ans. Amongst those who are already using the cloud, 94 % said the infrastructure was an important part of their decision but there is not one universal cloud infrastructure which suits every environment.

Q12. Explain the importance of cloud computing in IT ?

Ans A cloud computing addresses the explosive growth of internet-connected devices, and complements the increasing presence of technology in today’s world. Cloud computing provides a superior user experience, is massively scalable, and is characterized by the internet-driven economics.

Q13. Explain benefits of cloud computing?

Ans, Money saving, increase in productivity about 50% ,IT support is 40%

and time saving about 30%,less power and less space.

Q14.How would you save your applications, softwares and drivers for a long term without using any magnetic disk ?

Ans. I do not have to worry about my computer hardware at home because all my applications, files, games will be present somewhere on the Internet with cloud computing. The necessity is very fast connection.

Q15.What can be done using cloud computing ?

Ans. Cloud applications are very speedy and with out buying and installing softwares we can use it. Application building in this is five times faster and it can deploy an application any time and any where and also it makes applications instantly collaborative and mobile.

Q16. Comment on its cost ?

Ans. Low power pc’s can cut energy bills by upto 75%. This way it affects cost a lot.

Q17.Comment on cloud computing revolution ?

Ans. Its essential to understand that the cloud computing revolution is not just about doing old things in new ways, also it is not just more cheap and green but also more collaborative intelligent and better available. The opportunity for Information technology department is to achieve new things and to make new things possible by cloud computing.

Q18. Mention about the top cloud applications now a days?

Ans. Top cloud computing applications include google docs which are very fast and secure. There is also mobile version of google docs so you can access to your data from smart phone. Pixlr and Phoenix, jaycut also are the applications used for cloud computing.

Q19. 2011 is ‘the year of the cloud computing’. Comment.

Ans. 2011, the year when cloud computing becomes the established norm for business I T(information technology) although the past couple of years have also been touted as ‘ The year of the cloud computing

Q20. Comment on the security of cloud computing?

Ans. It is a sub domain of networks, computers and information security in a larger aspect. Cloud computing security is referred to as cloud computing. It is designed in such a way that it acts as to safeguard the policies and technologies of organizations. Controls are deployed to protect applications, company’s data and frame work of security protocols.

Q21. Mention the basic Components of a Server Computer in cloud computing?

Ans. The components used in less expensive client computers matches with the hardware components of server computer in cloud computing. Although server computers are usually built from higher-grade components than client computers. Basic components include Motherboard, Memory, Processor, Network connection, Hard drives, Video, Power supply etc.

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