HP QTP interview questions and answers

What are the types of Test Automation Frameworks?

There are four main types; The Test library, which deals with architecture framework; The Keyword-Driven, which deals with data tables; The Data Driven, which is a framework for testing and the Linear Scripting framework, which assists the recording of actions and replaying them.

2)        How can you find broken links using QTP?

Page Checkpoint can be used for looking for broken links within an application.

3)        Explain the Run-time Data Table?

This is a table that records certain data, including checkpoint and output values. The table can be found be accessing the Test Fusion Report in the Test Results folder

4)        How is Exceptional Handling performed?

Exceptional handling may be achieved in QTP by using On Error Statements or by making use of Recovery Scenarios. Usually, there are 4 types of triggered events that would be considered as exceptions.

>A change in the value of an object.
>Failure of one or more of the steps in the test.
>The appearance of a pop-up window during the test-run.
>The failure of an application.

QTP can be used to recover such errors. The latter requires the definition of the triggered events, the recovery steps and the Test-Run that will be performed after the recovery.

HP QTP interview questions and answers

HP QTP interview questions and answers

5)       How many types of environment variables are there and what are these?

There are three types, namely Built-in, User-defined Internal and User-defined External. The latter is read and write while the former two are read only. These variables can be set and retrieved using syntax functions.

6)        Define Keyword View and Expert View?

Keyword view displays the steps of the testing in a table and provides the information needed for the coming steps. It provides complete access to information like object properties through. This may be done through a debugging environment or through combined scripting. Expert view, on the other hand, provides the VB Script statement for individual steps. It is used by advanced experts to make changes to current tests. Changes made in the Expert view are automatically transferred to Keyword view, thus keeping it updated.

7)        Define GetRoProperty ?

It is a method used to obtain the properties of an object during the run-time.

8)        Explain what Smart Identification is.

Usually, a testing process tends to fail if the current properties of an object do not match the properties recorded previously. Smart Identification can be used to prevent this failure and to skip such errors. This is done by using Optional and Base filters to recognize the properties of an object. Therefore, if the properties of any object do not match automatically, the test does not fail by showing an error but simply moves on to identifying the next step.

9)        Can a script be exported from one PC to another through QTP ?

Yes, this is possible. For this, you need to go to your Options tab, select Test Settings, access Object identification and use the ‘Generate Script’ option. This will transfer the script in a zip folder on the computer. You can then transfer this folder to any other computer.

HP QTP interview questions and answers

HP QTP interview questions and answers


10)    How can VB Script be used to connect to the database?

The connection with the database requires four items; The username, password, connection string and the DNS name.

11)    Define a Batch testing Tool?

It is a tool used when you need to run more than one script at a time. You simply need to add the scripts in the batch testing tool and it will open an perform the actions for you.

12)    Define SetToProperty?

This is a tool that can be used to alter the properties of objects already stored in the repository. However, this may only be done temporarily.

13)    What is the usual delay for web based applications when using QTP?

The default delay is 60 seconds, though this can be changed through Settings.

14)    Define Optional Step?

As the name suggests, an optional step is one that is not compulsory. If the step’s equivalent GUI object is not available, QTP will simply skip this step and move on to executing the next one. This will not hamper the application’s running in any way.

15)    Define Reporter.ReportEvent?

This is a medium used to transfer messages to the test results and to determine their status, which may be anything like Pass or Fail. The following syntax can be used for delivering these messages:

Reporter.ReportEvent EventStatus, ReportStepName, Details [, ImageFilePath]

16)    How is a variable announced?

A variable is recognized by making use of the SET keyword to attribute a certain value to it.

17)   Can you launch QTP twice on the same computer, performing different functions?

This is not possible. You can only run one instance of QTP at a time. However, if you need multiple functions performed, you can use AUT to manage different browser windows at the same time. This should cater to your needs.

18)    How will a test iterate if the quantity of data in the Global Data Sheet and the Local Data Sheet differs? If the Global Data sheet contains no data and the Local Datasheet contains two rows of data, how many times will the test iterate?

In such cases, the iteration of the test will occur only once. For example, if there are two rows of data in the Local Sheet and none in the Global, the iteration will happen once only, which will be the global iteration.

19)    How do you import or export xls into QTP?

The following syntax can be used for importing or exporting.

DataTable.ImportSheet “..\..\TestData\Input.xls”,1,dtGlobalSheet

DataTable.ExportSheet “..\..\Results\Output.xls”,”Global”

20)    Define the Action Conversion Tool?

If you need to alter actions to make them Business Process Components, this tool can be used for the conversion process.

21)    What is Function Library’s extension in QTP?

The extension for function library is  ‘.QFL’.

22)   What is code file’s extension?

Code file’s extension is.vbs.

23)   What is Object Repository file’s extension?

The extension is .tsr.

24)     Is Bitmap Checkpoint effected by any factors?

Yes, this checkpoint may be effected by factors like the resolution and the size on an image.

25)     Define Accessibility Checkpoint?

According to the World Wide Web Consortium, this is a technology used to make the access easier for disabled people. For example, if a blind person wants to visit a website, he or she can convert the text into speech and understand the image that can not be seen. This is other such convenience options are provided by Accessibility Checkpoints

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