HTML job interview Questions

Define HTML

Hypertext Markup Language is abbreviated as HTML and is basically the coding criteria used by the WWW also known as World Wide Web. This is the standard text language that is used for the purpose of formatting. The HTML documents comprise of the tags and as well the contents that make it to have a format that can be displayed as pages in the right way.

2)      What do you understand by tags?

For the purpose of achieving proper formatting process, the content such as title, head etc is placed in between the HTML tags. The tags utilize the greater than (>) or the less than (<) symbols. Slash symbol will serve the same purpose of the closing tag. For instant:


1 <strong>sample</strong>


3)      Do a pair is needed for all the HTML tags?

No, these are examples of HTML tags which comes singly and do not require a closing tag. For instance the <br> and the <img> tag.

4)      Name a few common lists which can be brought into use while designing any web page?

It is possible to place any of the below listed combinations

-list for menu

-ordered list

-list that is not ordered

-list for directory

-unordered list

-Definition list

5)      Do  you know how to place a comment line in html?


“<!–”nd ends with “–>” is what starts for comments written in HTML language. For instance




6)      Is it possible to have all the characters for entities being well displayed on the system?

No, a number of characters would not be shown when the OS is running on a browser that is not compatible with the format being executed. In case of such a scenario, the texts, videos and images are shown in the form of text boxes.

7)      Define image map?

The image feature provides you with a platform to allow you get connected to a variety of web pages on one image. The shapes of the images you would like to use for the image mapping can be easily defined.


8)      What are the merits of collapsing the white space?

Empty spaces of a sequence of characters are known as white pages whereas in the case of html it is seen as a space with as character. Multiple spaces are not really a problem because you can comfortably achieve indent line texting due to the collapsing feature provided by the browser that allows you to arrange the html codes in a file format that can easily be read.

9)      Are there any specific attributes that are supposed to be compatible with the values given?

Examples of features can only be allocated to values that are defined in advance. Some of the properties have the ability to support numerical values that show the values of the pixels of the known size.

10)  How can the copyright symbol or the browser be placed successfully?

You will be required to type & #169; or simply &copy; inside the file containing the HTML in case you would like to put a symbol for copyright.

11)  How can you build the connections to other parts in the same page?

By making a reference by utilizing the (#) symbol, links such as the <a> tags can be created. For instance <a href=”#topmost”> BACK TO TOP</a>, which displays  “BACK TO TOP” as the outcome on the web page as at the same time connects it to the bookmark that is named topmost. A separate command for tag can be created similarly to <a name=”topmost”> at a section of the web page at the top and the user would be connected to the same link in case he clicks on the “BACK TO TOP”.

12)  How can one have all the elements aligned while using the HTML?

The elements that are in a list can be aligned using the indent feature. It is possible to identify the different parent’s lists that are contained in the indented subnested list as well as the elements which form it.

13)  What can you say the web page is referring to when it has the web page address in a magazine?

A different address for every web can be created for each web page. They are placed in accordance with the index page of the website. The index page is pointed by the magazines that are published on the web page that appears there.  All the pages that are found within the website can be accessed from the page that is found on the top.

14)  Why alternative text is used in image mapping?

Image maps make it complicated when trying to determine the hotspot that relates to the link, alternative texts will assist you to insert text that are descriptive in every link that acts as a hotspot.

15)  Can the new versions of different browsers support html?

Yes, the old html file supports the standard type of html. Although some attributes are not compatible with the newer version, it may still be operated with the older browser.

16)  How many platforms are supported by the hyperlink?

The hyperlinks are used for both images and texts. Thus an image can direct you to another page when you click on it. You are required to place the image inside the combination of the <a href=” “>…</a> tag

17)  How can you have a representation of the symbol in case the OS does not work with the character that is required?

In scenarios where the operating system is incompatible with the character, you can still display the character in the form of an image.

18)  How can you change the type of the number that is found somewhere in the central position on the list?

Types and values are the major contents of the <li> tags. For any list of items, the ‘type’ tag is used to alter the type of the numbering used. The number index is changed by the value property.

19)  Do you understand what a style sheet is?

Yes, you can build well-defined, consistent as well as transportable style templates using the style sheets.  The look as well as maintenance of a site can easily be achieved using the technique of linking templates to a variety of web pages. Style sheet gives any website a better look and good feel.

20)  How many types of the bullet can you get?

Alphabetical and numerical numbers can easily be chosen and used with the ordered list attribute. Disc, circle or square is created by the unordered property.

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21)  What can you do to create text in website with multi-color?

Just in case of a character which you would like to apply colors on, use the <font color=”color”>… </font> tags so as to easily create text with a variety of colors. To surround the entire word or a single character, the same tag can be used repeatedly.

22)  What is the essence of named character and as well the numerical values?

From ASCII you can obtain the numerical values easily but eventually it is very hard to keep them in memory. The entity for the named character was created instead to provide web designers to work with ease.

23)   Design a tag for the HTML table that can output:
40 pcs 80 400
20 pcs 10 100















<td>40 pcs</td>





<td>20 pcs</td>





Below is sample HMT code:

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