Automated Testing interview questions

What is Automated Testing?

If an organization is currently using a manual testing process, this can upgraded by automating it. The automation of a procedure means the introduction of self-sufficient tools and strategies. These are aimed at reducing the need of human supervision and involvement in a process. By eliminating the need of manual procedures, the time consumed can be saved and invested in other useful tasks and activities. This process of converting a manual process is known as Automated Testing

When it comes to automation, the process is highly convenient. This is because there are several types of tests that can be automated effectively:

Load – When this type is automated, the system becomes self-sufficient indentifying the need of software degradation. If, for example, some software files have become outdated, an automated system will automatically deliver a notification that an upgrade is required. Manual monitoring of the flaws in the system, therefore, is not needed.
Stress – By automating this type of testing, the capacity of an application can be detected automatically. Moreover, the infrastructure that is needed to run an application can also be determined without any effort.
Functional – The automation of Functional Testing allows convenient checking of the operations that have been built. This determines whether these operations are working as they are expected to or not.
Performance – This is to ensure that the system has an efficient enough performance. It also makes sure that system is perfect for handling various tasks and requirements. One of these may be the management of online transactions in a business.
Regression – This is to make sure that the behavior and operation of the system is consistent and unchanged.
Exception – This detects if there are any errors or faulty conditions in the system.

Imp Automated Testing interview questions

Imp Automated Testing interview questions

Which areas should be automated?

While automation sounds like a great idea, you must be absolutely sure about the systems that need it. This way, you can make sure that efficiency is maximized. For one, you must pay attention to automating those tasks and operations that have become highly useless and redundant. After this, you should consider the automation of the tasks that are prone to mistakes. For example, by automating online transactions, you can make sure that human errors are minimized and tasks are not repeated. Thirdly, you should automate certain well-developed areas of the applications and it is only after these that you should go for the more stable one.


Benefits of Automated Testing

There are a number of reasons why you should consider Automated Testing. The procedure has several benefits, one being the reliability. Naturally, an automated computer system is more reliable that humans, since it is not prone to common human errors that go unnoticed. Secondly, an automatic system has the ability to identify tasks or procedures that have already been performed. This way, the repetition rate is minimized, as opposed to manual handling where repetition can go unnoticed. Another great benefit is the speed. A self-sufficient system obviously runs faster than humans do and can, thus, save a considerable amount of time. In fact, the procedure does not only save time but also money! The numbers of resources that are needed are reduced overtime, thus leading to lower long-term costs.

Also, reusability is a great advantage of Automated Testing. The same tests can be used on different stages and versions of an application, thus saving costs. In fact, you can use the same test even on various versions of applications with different interfaces. Automation also allows comprehensive testing that may not be possible with manual handling. You can, for example, build tests that cover and check every minor feature of your application.

Imp Automated Testing interview questions

Imp Automated Testing interview questions


Guidelines that must be followed

While Automated Testing is greatly beneficial, it must be made sure that certain guidelines are followed, so as to attain the maximum benefit out of the process. While building tests, you must make sure that every part is very clear is easy to understand. Also, there must be the least possible complexity and all parts should e bans concise and simple as possible. Moreover, the tests must be efficient in terms of the time taken and should be sufficient enough to cover every necessary detail in a short amount of time.

Apart from this, it must be made sure that test is repeatable and can be used on other version of the application, including the ones that have different interfaces. The test must also have the possibility of convenient modifications and traceability. Also, it must be kept in mind that an efficient automated test is one that has the ability to run independently and to produce the same results efficiently, regardless of the alterations in the external requirements.

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