Business Analyst in a nutshell

What is a Business Analyst?

This is a position in a company that has the purpose of searching for the right businesses, then finding the right strategy for them to work at maximum level and resolving the problems by taking care of the business needs using Information Technology (IT). Shortly, they are making the connection between the business requirements and IT, maximizing the profits and reducing costs.

 The Evolution of this Job

An analyst is one of the most important people in a corporation, they can make it grow by constantly seeking new technologies to support the required operations. Over time, with the rising of the Internet, society improvements, technology getting more and more powerful, analysts received new attributions. So in the IT business companies most of the jobs became freelancer based but the only career type that could not be outsourced was that of a business analyst, because the person who follows this career must remain indoor, inside the enterprise, this is the best way to take its pulse every day, to have the experience and take the best decisions.

What Are the Responsibilities?

Actually the term business analyst means something a little different to each organization. The analysts have many different assignments on a daily basis.. For example the person must meet with the client company, both manager and employees, do interviews, then analyze the collected data and consult business guides to see what has to be done to get best result for each case, also make charts, graphs and to develop strategies for company changes that have to be made to resolve the problems, design business models and organize group sessions to show their ideas, etc.

What Are the Requirements to Fit the Job?

                 First important thing when applying for a career in this area is to have analytical skills. You have to be able to analyze numerous company aspects, you must have an eye for detail to see what goes wrong and must be fixed. Another skill that is must is good communication to handle various meetings, interviews, presentations.

The position of a business analyst has various tasks to accomplish and is not boring at all, so the best candidate is a dynamic person who likes working in a vast area of expertise and different social environment. Conversation, attention to detail and good self management are the best qualities you can have

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