CCNA job interview Questions and answers

Define Routing.

For the purpose of transferring data from the source to the destination, an appropriate path needs to be found. The process of finding this path through certain network devices, called routers, is known as Routing.

Some CCNA interview Questions

Some CCNA interview Questions

2) What is the job of the Data Link?

Data Link had a number of functions. For one, when messages are sent to a device, Data Link works as a supervisor to check if the messages have been delivered to the right recipient. Secondly, it assists the process of framing.

3) Define Packets.

Packets, or datagrams, result from the encapsulation of data that is covered with various protocols.

4) Define segments.

At the Transport Layer, these are known as the logic units. These are the sections that a certain set of data is divided into. They are usually initiated from thee upper OSI layers and need to be transmitted to the network.

5) Define Bandwidth.

Bandwidth is measured in Kbps and refers to the capacity a medium has in terms of transmission. It measures the volume that a certain medium can handle.

Some CCNA interview Questions

Some CCNA interview Questions

6) What are the benefits of using switches?

Using switches has a certain key advantage. This results from the process of creating a frame using the bits extorted from the signal. By performing this process, the destination address can be effectively read and convenient access to it can be achieved, which in turn allows forwarding the frame to the suitable port. The process, therefore, allow effective transmission of data to the most appropriate port without having to distribute it on all ports.

7) Why does network congestion happen?

Network congestion happens due to an overload of traffic, when too many using the same bandwidth to access the same data. The probability of network congestion is very high on large networks, especially if they are not using network segmentation to avoid the problem.

Some CCNA interview Questions

Some CCNA interview Questions

8) Why is network segmentation a good way to handle a large network?

Naturally, a large network is bound to have an ample of traffic. This can pose the risk of network congestion. By creating segments, the traffic can be eased. All the users would not be attempting to reach the network from the same network. Therefore, a high-speed bandwidth will be available to all users at all times. Segmentation is, therefore, highly recommended for the smooth operation of large and consistently growing networks.


Some CCNA interview Questions

Some CCNA interview Questions

9) In networking terms, what does a Window mean?

In the networking process, segments need to be transferred from the source to the destination. The number of these segments that can usually be sent is known as a Window.

10) Is a bridge used for the division of a network into smaller segments?

This is not exactly the job of a bridge. It is, in fact, to filter a large network without actually having to change its size. .

11) Which LAN switching method does CISCO Catalyst 5000 use?

The Store-and-forward method is used in this model. As the name suggests, it involves storing the frame. A crc check is then run on the frame, which decides whether the data frame should be forwarded or not.

12) What is the function of the LLC sub-layer?

The Logical Link Control sub-layer can be used to access additional services when developing an application. These services are optional. For example, one of the popular options is to use stop and start codes on the Network layer, so as to add flow control to it. The LLC has another function, which is to filter the data and to automatically correct the errors found.

13) What is the difference between RIP and IGRP?

IRGP uses several factors in order to determine the most suitable path that must be taken. The factors considered usually include hop counts and bandwidth. While RIP also determines the best route that must be taken, it does not take into account as much factors. It only uses hop count to choose the most appropriate route that must be taken.

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