List of SAP Interview questions

  1. What is NetWeaver?  This is an integreated platform for SAP, not a module, and allows SAP to function with the Worldwide Web and other mobile devices.
  2. What is a supplementation language?   The default languages for newly installed systems are German and English. Any other language may be not fully translated. To fill this gap supplement languages are installed on the SAP system.
  3. What are the advantages of the SAP GUI?  The screens for SAP management are very user-friendly, in consideration of the fact that most users are business people, not technicians. There is even a status bar for transactions, red for errors, yellow for warnings and green for success.
  4. What is the advantage of BEx?  BEx (business explorer) is a Web-based interface. As such, it is software and platform independent.
  5. Discuss SAP modules.  The ERP intention of SAP is huge and can only be achieved by separating its major functions into modules, each to be customized for the individual client company. There are 24 modules: FI (financial accounting), CO (controlling), PS (project systems), HR (human resources), PM (plant maintenance), MM (materials management), QM (quality management), PP (production planning), SD (sales & distribution), BW (business data warehouse), EC (enterprise controlling), TR (treasury), IM (investment management), IS (industry-specific), Basis (the backbone), ABAP (report generation), Cross Application Components (integration), CRM (customer relationship management), SCM (supply chain management), PLM (product life cycle management), SRM (supplier relationship management), CS (customer service), SEM (strategic enterprise management) and RE (real estate.)
    1. What are infocubes?  These are three-dimensional arrays of data storage.  There are five types – basic (physical data) SAP remote, remote (virtual data), transactional, and virtual with services.
    2. What are the menus and toolbars in the GUI? SAP has an easy access menu which gives the user access to all transactions offered by SAP. There is a user menu, which is tailored to the user’s specific needs. There is a menu bar across the top, as in Windows. SAP has a toolbar which is always the same no matter what kind of transaction is being handled, with buttons. There is an application toolbar which does change from screen to screen. The status bar lets the user know where s/he is in SAP, the environment being used, which session on top, and what client is being used.
  6. What is SAP?  SAP is the name of the (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. It is also the ERP (enterprise resource planning application developed by this company and in wide use in corporations. While not the first ERP, SAP is definitely the head runner now. As an ERP, SAP integrates and cross references sales, inventory, finance, production planning, shop floor management and human resources.
  7. What is SAP R/3?  This is a set of highly integrated applications that perform common business functions. This package is applicable to any basic business processes. One might consider it a ‘starter kit’ for SAP. Many other modules can be added for further enterprise analysis and management.
  8. What is an Extractor?  This is a mechanism for extracting data from the source system datasets.

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