SAP CRM interview questions List

  1. What is the SAP CRM?  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and the SAP CRM module handles this information. It supports customer activities such as sales and services, to enhance the collaboration between customers, in-house employees and field employees. It supports networking between mobile phones, customers, and the Internet.
  2. 2.      What are the sub modules of SAP CRM?  There are eight submodules – business communications managements, interaction center, marketing, sales, partner channel management, Web channel, CRM service and analysis.
  3. 3.      Explain marketing. Marketing involves the selling of a product and can entail advertising, promotions, sweepstakes, coupons, whatever marketing material that will be appropriate for the company and market. The CRM marketing module helps to identify potential customers for the company’s products, doing more marketing with less costs and resources. To achieve its goals, SAP CRM handles knowledge management, lead management, campaign management for utilities, customer segmentation, marketing planning, external list management, media management, trade promotion and product proposals.
  4. 4.      What is the sales submodule used for? SAP CRM monitors all parts of the sales process to help management plan, analyze and execute sales processes. It handles all of the following: intellectual property for media, contracts and chargeback for pharmaceuticals, sales for residential customers, activity management, sales planning and forecasts, value-based detailing for pharmaceuticals, sales against contract, sales for commercial and industrial customers, incentives and commissions, contract management, quotations and orders, territories, accounts and contacts.
  5. 5.      What is a campaign? A campaign is a complete plan to market a particular product for a specified time. In CRM, you can set up a marketing plan and associate it with a campaign and see what the campaign cost. You can add customers with particular properties to the campaign, the product involved, a profile, and target group.
  6. 6.      What is an external list? Most marketing campaigns are planned to increase the customer market. So you need more than your existing customer list. CRM lets you import outside data such as prospective clients. The ELM (external list management) submodule will convert XLS, CSV or TXT files and load them into CRM.
  7. 7.      What is the Web-IC?  This is a submodule of CRM which changes the Windows client to a Web client.
  8. 8.      What does the Service submodule do?  This is for improving customer satisfaction while reducing customer service costs. It handles such methods as call centers, channel service and e-service.
  9. 9.      What does the interaction center handle? This submodule is for handling customer interaction and boosting revenue. It handles activities such as interaction center management, telemarketing, customer c service, telesales and multifunctional shared services.
  10. 10.  What is partner channel management? This is to manage partner relationships by improving the processes between them. This covers analytics, communications, partner recruitment, channel marketing, collaborative selling, channel marketing and forecasting, channel service and partner order management.

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