Web HTML job interview questions

Is there any merit of combining a number of checkboxes?

Despite the fact that the check boxes do not influence each other, it will be easy to arrange them after having them in a group. Checkbox got their own names and more importantly do not belong to any group. A variety of check boxes can be a content of a single web page.

2)      What are the results of overlapping tags that are in a set?

Just the foremost tag is taken into consideration in case there are sets of two of the html tags that are overlapped. This problem is identified when the texts are not displayed in the right manner on the screen of the browser.

3)      Do you understand what the applets mean?

The programs that are small that are embedded in pages of web to perform specific operations are known as the applets. The operations they can perform include processing of information, animation as well as computations. They are coded in Java.

4)      Will there be any effect to the display just in case the text within the tag is not present?

No formatting can take place when the text is not resent inside the tags because there would not be anything to be formatted. It is not necessary to have tags such as <img> tag, which are closing tags.

5)      Can you set particular colors for the borders of the tables?

Style sheets are used to specify the color of the border but in case of tables that do not employ the style sheets, the text will be similar in color.

6)      What is the procedure for linking a website to a different web page once it is clicked?

Href tags are used to create links that can forward you to other web pages. <a href=”site”>text</a> is the format used for this case. You are supposed to substitute the site from the url expected to link it to the texts that exists when clicked.

7)      Do you know any additional methods for aligning images and wrapping text?

Texts and messages are positioned using the tables. Style sheets are also used to warp texts around the tables.

8)      Is it possible to link more than one web page with just single a text?

No. the <a> tag supports only one href property and as well point one web page.

9)      Give the differences of list for menu, directory and a list that is unordered?

The main difference is brought about by the fact that the menu lists and the directory do not entail properties for altering the style of the bullet.

10)  Is it possible to have a different color of the bullet?

In the list item, the color of the bullet is similar to the beginning character.  Just in case the <li> tag and the starting character is surrounded by the set of <font> tags, the starting character as well as the color of bullet with not be the same as the text color while using the feature of the set.

11)  Does the text size of the field have any limit?

Yes, 13 characters is the defined size used in case of any text field. However, if size attribute is considered, it is possible to set the value of the size even 1. The width of the browser resolves the maximum value of size.

12)  Is it necessary to have the <th> tags at the beginning of either a column or a row?

All the <tr> tags can be converted to <th> tags. The result of this effect is that, the <th> tag will be displayed on browser in bold. Although the <th> tags are meant for heading, there is no need to use them specially for headings.

13)  How do the rule attributes and the border relate to each other?

In case the border property is set as nonzero value, there is going to be an automatic addition of the cell borders that are default and is 1 pixel in thickness. In the same manner if the properties of the border are excluded, a default of 1 pixel will be displayed in case there is the addition of the rile property to the <table> tag.

Web HTML job interview questions

Web HTML job interview questions



14)  What exactly Marquee means?

A text for scrolling within any web page is put by the use of the marquee. All the text that you would like to be displayed is inserted in between the <marquee> and </marquee> tags.


15)  Give the procedure for creation of a web page that supports sending of emails once they are clicked?

The command called mailto is used in the href tag to alter the text into a link that is clickable for the purpose of sending mails.


1 <A HREF=”mailto:anyemailaddress”>text to be clicked</A>


16)  For the separation of any section of the text, can you only use <br> tags?

No. the <br> tag is the only manner so as to separate the lines of texts. Parts of texts are also separated using the <p> tag and <blockquote> tag.

17)  Can you elaborate the occasion of outside appearances of text from the browser?

The text is placed in such a way that it appears on the window of the browser. It can also extend beyond the window of a browser just in case the text is a section of the table that has a definite width.

18)  Differentiate active links and the normal links?

Blue is the default link color that is normal. The active link’s presence is detected by some browsers when the cursor is brought still on the link. Others will detect the links that have focus. Those which don’t have the mouse cursor on that links are assumed as normal links.


19)  Is there any limitation for inserting new styles inside the same bracket in a style sheet?

No, the style sheets have no restriction to define a style within the same brackets. A semicolon is used for separation of definition styles that are new.


20)  Is it possible to specify weight values say for 252 or 450 for the font weight?

Despite the fact that the implementation process is a factor of the browser, the standard cannot operate on fractional values of weight. The values that are permitted should end up with double zeros.

21)  Give the hierarchy used when considering the style sheets?

The definition nearest to the exact tag is given the first priority in case of a single selector that makes use of three styles of definition that are different from each other.

22)  Is it possible to have a number of selectors having the class named put in a group?

The similar definition style of a variety of selectors that has similar definition can be done so long as the definitions are separated by the commas. The same bases of operation are used for selectors that have names of class.

23)  What can you expect when you open a CSS file that is externally available on a browser?

Due to the different extension that is found in the CSS file, the browser won’t open it. Another html file can be used to reference the CSS file using the <link/> tag in a document so that you can use it.

24)  How to add any background image on the web page?

Just after the </head> tag, place the given code to insert the background image to any page.


1 <body background = “image.gif”>

The file name is substituted with the image.gif. This will enable you to add a background image to any web page.

25)  A paragraph is a non-list element, what effect it may have when the list-style-type element property is brought into use?

In case list style attribute is used for a particular paragraph which is an example of a non-element link, the feature will not be considered and so as it won’t affect the paragraph anyway.

26)  When you should use the frames?

Navigation of a site is made simpler by the frames. Just in case the major connections with the site is positioned within a frame which is displayed at either along the edge or at the top of a given browser, remainder frame will show the information on the links.

27)  What can you expect just in case the property of the values used for both rows and column do not sum up to 100%?

The size of the frames is sized by the browser with respect to the summation of all the values. Just in case the col feature has been adjusted say 100% or 200%, two frames that are vertical shall be displayed with the first one being twice smaller than the second one.

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