Bank Officer Interview Questions

  1. 1.      What is your greatest weakness, as being a bank officer it involves a great deal of money transactions?

I am a perfectionist and hence, I really don’t believe in the concept of thrusting my work on others head. So, I tend to handle all the tasks that are given to me. I can say that as my weakness. But, I have also discovered that team work is highly necessary for an organization’s growth. So, I have accustomed myself to work as a team.

  1. 2.      What was the impressive factor of this bank as it had made you approach it for this job?

For a start, I have an account with this bank and I am highly impressed with the customer care and the service they provide for the account holders. This made me want to extend my services to the bank back as I am qualified and well equipped for it.

  1. 3.      Can you explain about the cash handling experience of yours?

I am very confident in handling the cash that is given to me. I always count the cash that is given in hand and put them in different rows in my drawer so that it becomes easy to give the cash to the customers. I also have the habit of making bundles of the cash like 100 notes per bundle. So counting becomes easy. Time is saved.

  1. 4.      Why are you so particular about this job?

I am basically qualified for this job and to make use of it in a well reputed organization like this gives me immense pleasure. I feel the money I earn should be a result of my passionate working and that can be achieved in this job.

  1. 5.      How important will you be for the future of this bank?

Banking is always a very important aspect for a country to function. To execute the process of banking in an efficient way is what this bank is doing for the past few years and still continuing it that way. I have gathered the information from many business magazines about how a banking process must be done for different firms and organizations and I believe in making a difference for the bank by my active participation.

  1. 6.      Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?

Yes. I have had a considerable experience in the fields of careers insurance, accountancy that are in relation with the banking job that I am applying for. So, I can be a proactive worker.

  1. 7.      What have you learnt from the mistakes on the job?

Everyone is susceptible to mistakes but only a few can realize that how intense the impacts of the mistakes are. I am one among the few people; I don’t want to repeat the mistakes which had been done by me in my job.

  1. 8.      How do you handle pressure?

I tend to keep up with time and am very passionate about my job and hence the idea of pressure is nearly nil in my work life. I am also a stable headed worker which makes to take clear decisions even in pressurized conditions.

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