Call center interview questions

Why do you want to work in a call center?

You must not answer this honestly unless of course you really aren’t seeking the job for money or the Fast-and-Easy Call center craze. You can say you are impressed with the growth of the industry and could quote statistics if you are sure about the correctness of your statistics. You could say you are basically an interactive person and good at communicating. You could also say you are good in team work and an efficient and co-operative employee. However, take good care not to over emphasize your efficiency.


Do you prefer working in web or voice?


If you have a preference and you have a valid reason for preferring, you can go ahead and answer the question truly. Though if there is a deficiency of demand or vacancy in one of the fields, consider that before answering this question. If you choose a field with fewer vacancies you could be waitlisted or if you chose a field with high demand for employees you will be very welcome.


Are you comfortable with shift work?


This question has to be answered honestly because this will affect you as long as you work in the firm if you get appointed. So answer this question considering your convenience. But if it’s just a preference for you and if you could manage fine with shifts and it might affect your appointment give the answer your interviewer likes to hear.



How many calls did you make and take per day?


You could give an honest answer even if it will be at least a little bit pleasing. If not just give a number that you can handle and don’t go for exaggerated answers. And if had worked so hard at your previous job, give a smaller number than the real one so you might get some breathing space in this job. However, this question is not applicable if you are new to the industry.


What is the average length of each of your calls?


This question is a two-edged knife. Both the side answers are equally likely to cause either positive or negative impression. If say a short interval it may make you a curt replier or a fast communicator. If you say a long interval then you might become a patient voice agent or a poor communicator. So be really careful in establishing a desired impression. Try and give an answer as neutral as possible.

 What do you like in a call center job?

You could say you like to do a job that involves constant interaction with people and a communicative job is always attractive to you. And this is the aspect you like the most in a call center job.


 Describe a tough problem that you had to recently sort out for a customer?


You could feel free to blow your own trumpet for this question. However, you must not go very far and boast about solving a problem which you can’t make head or tail of in reality.

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