What is a Process builder in salesforce

Process builder in salesforce is a tool that will help to automated the business. Using which we can automate for example an approval process or a workflow of daily emails, or renewals of customer orders and on boarding process of new customers or suppliers.

Process builder in Salesforce is a 4 step process.

  1. Select the object on which you want to define the process criteria.
  2. Then define the criteria, for example on creation of new record or on update of an existing record, or when an account is created in the system from state of Florida etc..
  3. Now the main automation process in this step.. what you want to automate when the above conditions met?
  4. Finally you will need to activate the process you have just built.

A process builder in Salesforce is advanced version of Workflow.  Using process builder we can automate simple to most complex business processes.

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