100 Salesforce interview questions

Since Salesforce is creeping slowly yet steadily into almost every possible sectors, small to mid range to mega business units are embracing Salesforce and seeing its fruits, in future there might be very good demand for Salesforce. So here we are giving 100 very very important interview questions for Salesforce in general for Administrators or Developers.

1: What is a Salesforce profile? and how they are assigned to users?

In simple terms, Salesforce profile is nothing but access level given to a particular user and these access levels will be usually be determined by the users role in the company. For example, if the user is a sales person, usually a view access will be given, if the user is a Salesforce Administrator then read/write/modify access (full access) will be given.

So usually companies will create generic profiles and use the same profile to all sales agents as their role is same.


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