Business Analyst Prerequisites

I will try to put the important prerequisites to be a Business Analyst in the IT industry. If you think I miss any points, please do add your points in the comment section so it helps every one.

  1. You should be computer literate, meaning you should be at intermediate level in using computer and should be very good in using MS office suite. Especially MS word, Powerpoint, Excel spread sheet, MS Visio tool.
  2. You should have good communication skills both written and verbal. It is because as a business analyst you will be documenting the client needs, discussing with various parties (client side poc, developers, quality analysts etc..) until the requirements are freeze.
  3. Domain knowledge is very important to be a good Business Analyst. Which means, if you are working for an insurance company, then insurance domain knowledge is important, if finance then financial knowledge, banking, retail, telecom etc..
  4. That’s all, remaining if any you will learn as you get experience, but the above are very important and if you have that then you can make a resume and start your search for a job.

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