Cloud Business Analyst – A must learn guide

I have been receiving so many emails asking me to give some insight about a Cloud Business Analyst. So here I am giving some valuable information if you want to switch to a Cloud Business Analyst in future.

Cloud is a broad term where in to explain in simple terms, all the information will reside in cloud.

cloud business analyst

First of all we will discuss what are the main tasks that as a cloud business analyst you might encounter some of all of the below responsibilities and tasks. 

  • Using Share point site to maintain project documentation, minutes of meetings for all meetings you have attended or initiated.
  • To follow up risks in the current project and any important action items.
  • Business Analysis in depth.
  • Technical requirement documents analysis.
  • BPM – Business Process modelling, and any methodology you will be following.
  • Security aspects of the project.
  • Budgets related to projects.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of existing business process.
  • Project planning, scope, management and tracking the status of the project.

Remember that Cloud Business analyst is no different than other business analysts in terms of roles and responsibilities, but then where is the difference lies? Difference lies in architecture, cloud architecture, storage, basic fundamentals of cloud.

You need to gain knowledge about security features because your project is going to be stored in cloud, not in a server in your office location. So, its all abstract when it comes to storage. Most importantly learn the basics of  cloud technologies like Salesforce, Azure, AWS etc… having knowledge of these cloud technologies is most important to be a cloud business analyst.

So final word: learn the above listed points very well to be a good cloud business analyst.

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