Cloud Cyber Security Adviser Basics

Cyber Security is very important for any organization especially when it deals with customer related data, it is even more important.

So, when the organization is implementing their project/application in cloud environment, then security takes higher priority. That’s why Cloud cyber Security Adviser is important role in the organization. Lets discuss main roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Cyber Security Adviser.

Cloud Cyber Security Adviser:

  • Leads the team that is responsible for the deployment procedures and also deployment technologies which will assure the confidentiality of the network.
  • Should focus on most complex systems and also on security issues in the network.
  • To improve the Cloud Security practices on regular basis.
  • Most of the time the main responsibility of Cloud Cyber Security adviser is to reproduce the same security features in cloud environment as well. If it is a brand new infrastructure directly in cloud, then this point does not apply.
  •  Once should have experience in Azure Cloud, Cyber security etc..
  • Cloud security best practices.
  • Cloud vulnerability scanning tools to be implemented.
  • Cloud network investigation techniques and methods to prevent intrusions.

The above are main and very common responsibilities of a cyber cloud security adviser.

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