Build & Release Engineer roles and responsibilities

Build and Release engineers are very important for any IT organizations, because its the most crucial step of moving all of the code and related items or applications into production environment.

So Build and Release engineers main responsibility is to develop the infrastructure also we may call as source control system or build system. This build system will have a complete set of tools and frameworks that collectively make the software / application building job very easy.

Also below are the main roles and responsibilities of Build & Release Engineer:

  1. Build engineer is the first point of contact to developers and testing team using phone calls or emails.
  2. Build engineer must have very good communication skills because he is the main contact for any issues during deployment process and should act like a liaison between various interdependent teams.
  3. Will focus and make a clear note of all incidents / issues and escalate them to proper teams or channels.
  4. Build and release engineer should have complete understanding of the application at framework level and should have an idea of which team is doing which part.
  5. So if any incident like website not working, etc.. he should know where to escalate this issue.
  6. Should know how to prioritize the solution if various departments equally effected by the incident. if Some department has more customers than others, he should first give preference to the large customer base to resolve the issue.
  7. Maintain and improve the uptime of the environment.
  8. Should improve his technical knowledge by attending training sessions.
  9. General understanding of server operating system is required.
  10. Managing technology and software in remote environment.
  11. Should know what is SAN, DNS, Networking, active directory etc.
  12. Problem solving and trouble shooting experience is a must.
  13. Should be able to identify and also use preventive measures on regular basis.
  14. Understanding of Agile methodology.

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