DevOps AWS Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a broad term and in nutshell it is a combination of multiple practices, tools that collectively used to increase the development and implementation process at faster speeds than traditional ways which we are used to. Using DevOps tools we can integrate and do all necessary operations from development to production move at high velocity.

What are Important Roles of DevOps Engineer?

  • DevOps engineer should have very strong Ansible skills.
  • Should be very strong in python and able to apply that to Ansible modules.
  • Ansible tower knowledge also really advantage and many employers give preference.
  • Helping the app teams & product teams by integrating their ansible code into existing playbooks.
  • Should have experience with Unix and Linux.
  • Understanding of Authentication methods for remote Win RM (NTLM, Kerberos, CredSSP, Basic).
  • Knowledge of Powershell to handle configurations that does not have Ansible methods.
  • Experience of BASH.
  • Python Pywinrm is really very helpful.
  • DevOps engineer should have experience with Packer & AWS.
  • DevOps developer should also have experience of integrating packer with code and automate image builds and also should known on how to integrate existing builds with multiple platforms like Azure, VMWare, AWS.
  • Also DevOps consultant should have knowledge of IAM security knowledge.

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