Salesforce Admin interview questions and Answers

What is a Salesforce Profile?.

It is about permissions and settings in Salesforce. Profiles decide what an user can do with records. For example Profile gives or restricts read/write/delete permissions on records.

Profile and access permissions work together and depend on each other.

What are the types of profiles in Salesforce?

Standard profiles and Custom Profiles. Standard profiles are created by the system. Customer profiles are created by user to customize the existing set of security rules.

Can you delete an user in salesforce?

No, we can not delete an user in Salesforce but the only option if we don’t need a user is to make the user inactive. But we salesforce did not give an option to delete a user is because a user will be linked to so many activities , tasks that happened in the past.

How do you store documents in Salesforce?

We can store in many ways, they are through Attachments, Libraries, google drive or other 3rd party storage networks, documents and chatter files.

Can you tell me workflow components in Salesforce?

Here are the different workflow components in salesforce.

  • Workflow tasks
  • workflow field updates
  • workflow rules
  • workflow outbound messages
  • Email alerts

What is a Role in Salesforce?

Roles in salesforce define about a user visibility that a particular user has. The data visibility can be increased by sharing rules or role hierarchy. A role hierarchy defines that a superior role will have access to all the roles sitting in lower level. For example a Sales Manager can see all of the sales executives records.

Can you explain what are the governor limits in Salesforce?

Governor limits as its name indicates, the limitations of data share set by salesforce. i.e how much data or no of records a client can store in the shared datbase. This governing is important because salesforce is a multi client architecture so no one client should occupy a really bigger share than average.

So in this case, governor limits are salesforce developers very big challenge. They need to make sure while writing code to consider this limitations.

Here are few Governor limits in Salesforce:

  • Per transaction limits
  • Static apex limits
  • Email limits
  • Push notification limits
  • Total No of SOQL queries issues
  • Total no of records by SOQL query
  • Total no of DML statements issues?
  • Total no of callouts?(http requests or web service calls)
  • Max cumulative timeout for all callouts in a transactions
  • Total heap size..

Can a salesforce user be with out assigning a role?

Yes, a Salesforce user can be with out assigning a role.

Can a Salesforce user be with out a profile?

No, a Salesforce user must be assigned to a profile.

Can a Salesforce user have multiple roles or profile?

No, any salesforce user can have only 1 role and 1 profile.

Can a role and Profile be assigned to multiple users in salesforce?

Yes, thats very much possible, and mostly it will be like that.

Profile gives permissions to object level access, tabs etc.

What is OWD in Salesforce? What does it do?

OWD is Organization wide defaults in Salesforce, It can be navigated from security control–> Sharing settings. Using OWD settings we can give view, transfer, edit, delete of records that user does not won.

What are permission sets in salesforce?

Permission sets can be found under manage users-permissions sets. Permission sets can be used as an extra add-on permissions to give to a particular user alone. For example, if you want to give Report & dashboard access to an user, there are two options we can achieve this. One by editing profile of that user, but it is not recommended because all users associated with that profile will get access to report and dashboards. But in this case we only need to a particular user. In this case permission sets are helpful.

We can create permission set and with in that we can give access to report and dashboard, then finally assign this permission sets to that user record in his page.

What are Public groups in Salesforce?

Usually groups in Salesforce is a set of users, or set of roles that consist of users.. The public groups in salesforce are used to be shared by entire organization for a purpose. For example if you need to share a particular record or want to give a specific permission to those set of users for a limited period of time, theninstead of changing their roles or profile settings.. we can simply create a public group with those users and then give achieve this task with sharing rules.

What is a Look Up relation in Salesforce?

Look Up relation is one of the relations in Salesforce. Lookup relation is a One to Many relation. It is a Parent Child relationship. that means one parent will have many child. Look up relation also called loose relationship because each parent and child has their own owners.

We can pull fields from parent to child using cross formula functionality. If parent is deleted, then child will become orphan. From Parent object, we need to go to page layout and pull child object into related list.

What is Import Wizard in Salesforce?

Import Wizard is one of the two methods of Data management in Salesforce. Using Import Wizard a user can upload maximum 50 thousand records only. In ImportWizard data validation can be done using matching types like record id, name, email. We can do 3 things in Import Wizard, they are: Insert, upload, Upsert (inser& upload).

Import file that is used in this process must be in the format of CSV. Also Import Wizard can work only with objects like Lead, Account, Contact, Solutions, Custom Objects.

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