How to search Business Analyst Jobs?

Business Analyst jobs are most popular jobs in the IT sector where people want to pursue their IT career with minimum technical requirements and maximum business or domain knowledge.

Many candidates who want to get into the career of Business Analyst have to first get immense knowledge in the particular domain weather it is Healthcare, Finance, Retail etc..

So, how do they search a Business Analyst job? there are many ways like job career websites like,, are few among many platforms where you can search Business Analyst jobs.

Dice is my personal choice where most of the jobs are genuine but again you need to be careful while applying job to a job post in Dice. Mainly because same job is posted by multiple vendors like prime vendor, and other consulting companies who in turn submit your resume to another prime vendor. You need to identify if the post is posted by a prime vendor or not. Please try to call them before submitting and identify if they are prime vendor and if they are going to submit your resume directly to a client?

It is because if you submit to a 2nd or 3rd layer consulting company mostly posted by Indian consulting companies will take 3 to 4 dollar share from they are offered by prime vendor so finally what you get is very less.

So, my request is to submit your profile only to prime vendor.

Apart from dice, you can create your profile in Linkedin and submit from job posts from linkedin directly.

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