Permission Sets in Salesforce explained

As the name indicates, permission sets gives a user, a set of permissions and settings to various functions and tools. While these can be achieved by using salesforce profiles also, but instead of changing the entire profile settings, which in turn effects all the users who are assigned to that profile, we can create permission sets and then assign these permission sets to a user or group of users.

Let’s say if we have 20 users who are assigned to a particular profile which has read only access to cases object, but out of those 20 users, to 4 users we want to give read/write access to Cases object, then in this case instead of editing the entire profile, we can create a permission sets with read/write access and assign this permission sets to those 4 users group.

There are standard permission sets also available which saves your time, we can differentiate standard vs custom permission sets via ‘is custom’ check mark.

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