Groups in Salesforce explained

A salesforce group as it’s name indicates, a set of users. Usually a salesforce group can consist of set of users who belong to a particular role or region. Sometimes a group consist of set of other groups also.

Important thing to know is when a salesforce group consist of set of users of a particular role, then all the other users below that role in that role hierarchy also comes under that group.

Then you may get a question like how many types of groups in Salesforce? Yes, there are two types of groups in Salesforce. 1: Public groups, 2: Personal Groups.

Public groups can be created by a Salesforce administrator or a delegated administrator. These public groups can be accessible to all users with in the organization. Then what is the purpose of these public groups in salesforce? The main purpose of public groups is an administrator can create for an employee fund raiser, or to share some documents related a common project or purpose. All the employees can share their records about this program.

Permission set groups: Permission set groups consist of set of permission sets related to a particular job.

Personal groups: Personal groups can be created by each individual user for their personal use.

Groups in Salesforce can also be used for other purposes such as below:

  1. To setup default sharing success via sharing rules.
  2. To share your records with other users.
  3. To assign users to specific action in Sallesforce Knowledge.

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