Team selling in Salesforce Account Teams

Usually Team selling in salesforce involve very complex Account relationships. But we can manage those relationships. But for that what we need to do is, we need to collect more information by adding custom fields, Links, buttons etc.. to Account team layouts.

We can also make use of process builders, workflow rules, validation rules, Apex triggers with Account teams to keep the data clean and also for minimum manual data entry. We can also report on Account teams.

For this we need to use custom buttons, links, custom fields to account team member page and account team member multiline editor.

Just as an example we can add start date and end date of a team members activity for better account management.

Remember that in Salesforce classic, Apex triggers and validations rules are bypassed.

From Workflow rule, we can select an account team member object. Same way we can select Account team member object from process builder as well.

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