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I am a Business Analyst with more than 10 years of experience. I am teaching this course from the past 5 years to almost 100’s of students.

Business Analyst is one of the easiest and at the same time challenging job to start your career with. The good thing is, you don’t have to have strong computer skills or even basic programming skills.

If you have good communication skills, written and oral then you are 80% through the job. If you are familiar with some basic tools like MS Word, Excel, MS Visio then you are good rest 20%.  Please read our SQL Interview Questions for BA.

Why me as a tutor? I will create interest in you towards the subject. Interest creates curiosity to learn new things. Curiosity force you to research. Research will give you enough knowledge to get a job.

There are many tutors who teach Business Analysis course. But I create interest in you to learn the course with real time examples. I do not simply demonstrate power point presentations like others, but I show you as many as possible tools to get you a real time feel.

I will show you and explain you all the template that a Business Analyst will deal in office. You can have a free demo class from me and then decide if you can go with me or not?

Domain knowledge is very very important for a BA, so please read later our article on Domain knowledge for Business Analyst.

Below are some of the many things I will be teaching you as part of the course.

  1. Business Analyst job description
  2. Business Analyst deliverables
  3. Functional specifications & Technical specifications
  4. Use case diagrams
  5. Clear quest , defect Tracking
  6. RQM (Rational quality management)
  7. Requirements document
  8. Agile Methodology
  9. Scrum meetings
  10. What is Sprint? Semi Weekly/Monthly

In the meanwhile you may please refer to my most read Business Analyst Interview questions post.

Interested to take the course? ask me for a demo class :

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